[FIXED] Python flask – is it possible to create a personal website using only python?


I’m new to the website field and was wondering if it’s possible to create a simple personal website using only Python (no HTML, CSS, JS) and Flask. I searched a bit on the internet, but couldn’t find a good example.

Is that possible? Please give me some code examples.

If you have any suggestions or examples please let me know.

This is what my website looks like (it doesn’t need to have this many features): https:/ /palletsprojects .com/


Flask can be used for making realy simple websites with only basic text on them. But if you want a more developed website with more functions and a nicer desing you need to use html and css, and than you can use flask and python to implement ‘logic’ to them.

Here is a python flask tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwZwr5Tvyxo

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