[FIXED] Node js vs Django vs Flask for multiple videos streaming from python


I tried to get 6 real-time videos, the inference output of a heavy deep learning computation from Python, and display them in PyQt. This causes a lot of threading problems with an ugly GUI!!. So I want to use a framework to display a nice fancy GUI! There seems to be a lot of frameworks based on Google searches, but I’m not sure

Which Node js, Django or Flask is best for my current project!

  • I need to display 6 real-time videos at 10~15 FPS.
  • Able to communicate well with Python
  • You can easily create a GUI. Features include logging, viewing real-time graphs (optional)
  • Solution

    For video streaming, you will require to setup a socket URL for listening to incoming packet. Definitely, you can dedicate a server just for this to handle high amount of traffic.

    Now, as such it dependents on your application, if you are just going to use it for streaming then Flask will do, it is lightweight. On the other hand, Django and NodeJS provides ready made function for socket programming and they are very useful.

    Answered By – Aayushi Shah

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