[FIXED] Local JavaScript Refused to execute script on several Flask Applications Suddenly


There are some apps that are under maintenance or in development. They are run from Flask and deployed to Azure. Just the other day I started having the same global issue across all apps from Chrome’s console locally on his machine. I am getting:

enter image description here

Basically, what this tells you is that all local JavaScript refuses to load.

At first, I thought this was limited to her one app. Then I realized that everyone was like this. After that I checked the production and it works fine. Then I tried different browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Edge show the same thing. I then had another developer try it on his computer and it didn’t give any errors but I’m on his Windows 11 and they’re running on his Linux increase.

The running code looks like this:


Like this:

auth = Blueprint(

I have a bit of a hard time understanding why this happened all of a sudden and am very confused as to where to turn my attention to try to fix it. It was loaded on my local machine, so I suspected it was a chrome update that was cracking down on http. That’s why it worked in production. But that doesn’t make sense either, because all browsers suddenly do it.

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It turns out that on a Windows update, the register value was changed. I had to change back the Hkey_Classes_Root.js Content type from Text/plain to text/javascript:

enter image description here

This resolved the issue

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