[FIXED] How to add an key for parent::toArray in Laravel Resources


My code is;

$live_events = LiveEventContent::whereIn('parent_content_id',$contents_ids)->get();

foreach ($live_events as $live_event)
    // add the key isStreamAvailable to the object
    $live_event->isStreamAvailable = true;

return LiveEventResource::collection($live_events);

and My Resource model;

Public function toArray($request)
    returns parent::toArray($request);

I want to add the isStreamAvailable key to my resource.

How to edit function in resource model instead of parent::toArray


Add it to returned value from parent:

public function toArray($request)
    $response = parent::toArray($request);

    $response['isStreamAvailable'] = true;

    return $response;

Answered By – Justinas

Answer Checked By – David Goodson (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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